Heart of a Hoarder

Heart of a Hoarder book cover
Heart of a Hoarder book cover

Heart of a Hoarder


from the files of Patience Oaktree, P.O.

Patience "Pat" Oaktree, the self-proclaimed most successful professional organizer in the State, can't help herself from getting involved when she hears about a misbegotten plan to clean out the house of Kurt Peters, who has been cited by the city for excessive clutter. And the next thing Pat knows, under the influence of persuasive Pastor Michael, she's in charge of the entire crew of overly eager volunteers.

Kurt is willing to accept help only from Pat and a teenager named Randy. But newspaperman Skip smells a good story, hospitality-committee chair Sally insists on providing unending refreshments, and the pro bono attorney seems to be working behind Pat's back with the city-appointed caseworker.

Then, just when Pat is knee-deep in Kurt's moldy laundry, her own family starts causing worry. Her husband Fred is working late almost every night, their son Ben is making an unexpected trip home from college, and their daughter Charley seems homesick in a third-world country.

Now, more than ever, Pat needs her silent mantra of "Patience, Patience" to keep her from stressing out.

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Series: from the files of Patience Oaktree, P.O. – Book 3
Genre: organizing novel
Format: hardcover, 192 pages
Publisher: Green Square Publishing; 1st edition (October 2011)
ISBN: 978-0-9793552-4-0

It’s a fun read, and you might learn something about organizing, too.
— professional organizer




Click to read the PDF excerpt.

Click to read the PDF excerpt.