Publishing Stuff

The business of publishing is a whole array of things different from the knowledge and creativity of the author who writes the manuscript.

I’m thinking there might be a segment of my audience that would be interested in topics such as formatting, printing options, distribution channels, book metadata, etc., etc. Those factors certainly have a lot to do with readers’ experiences when they delve into a Patience Oaktree adventure. And the significant upheavals in the world of publishing today can make for some interesting conversations, too. So…

Green-titled posts with the Green Square Publishing logo – like this one – are written from my point of view as a publisher.

The Blog Thing

I’m just getting started with this Blog Thing and trying to figure out how it works. At first I didn’t think I’d publish these “test” posts, but then I realized that a primary goal of the blog is to let fans see some of the behind-the-scenes stuff, so I decided this would be a perfect way to start.

I’m very happy to have merged all three of my websites – Really Organized, Green Square Publishing, and Patience Oaktree – under one URL. But I also wanted to maintain a separate voice for each of them. So…

Blue-titled posts with my headshot thumbnail – like this one – are written from my point of view as a professional organizer and author.